Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tis' the Season...

The holidays mean so many different things to each person individually.  To us, well we are Christmas crazy!!! We love to decorate and go big in our home.  We also have brought that feel into our store.  We had so much fun decorating our first Christmas at Antique Menagerie.  We have had such a positive response too.  We have such unique items, not just the average run of the mill.  Isn't that what makes antique stores so much fun anyways...Here is a couple pics of our out of the box items...

Now that's a Wreath!!!

This is a wreath too!!! Made from grapevines draped with beautiful silk and burlap bows with old music paper.

This is a picture from our Westlake Malibu Lifestyle Magazine...
We did a Winter Holiday Room
We decorated with items from the store.  We wanted to give some great holiday ideas.  And the best part, all the items in all the pictures taken are available at the store. Many of them sold because of the article.  It was amazing.
There are really no rules when it comes to decorating for the holidays.  It always seems to come together and look fabulous at the finishing point!

Watch for an email and follow us on Facebook...In the month of December we are having a special event.  All the stores on Via Colinas are getting together for....

"An Evening with the Shoppes at Via Colinas"

You won't want to miss this event.  There will be music, appetizers, sweets and of course, incredible SALES!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Long Overdue...

It has been way too long since our last post on this blog.  So much has happened in the last few months.  Our dream come true store has been nothing but amazing.  We have met some of the best people.  We have made so many new friends.  This journey is just a blessing.  Our Grand Opening was a success! Wow what an evening in May that was...The summer was very warm but we stayed busy in spite of the 100 plus temperatures.  We have now moved into fall... We had a milestone event for the store.  We were featured in the Westlake Malibu Lifestyle Magazine Nov/Dec 2012 issue.  That was a lot of fun to do. Thanks to Di Lyle and Krista, and a special thanks to the amazing photographer Lu Tapp, the magazine ad was a hit.  We have so many new people coming into the store from the

This was one of the pictures featured in the magazine.
We just had the best time 2 weekends ago...A few stores along with Antique Menagerie had the 1st annual "Holiday Stroll"...It was so much fun.  It was crazy busy.  We have the best  customers...most of them friends now...We had appetizers, warm cidar brewing and wine later in the day. 

Now that the store is all decorated for the holidays, we are getting ready for "Black Friday".  This year Small Businesses are asking people to shop at the local stores in their area. Friday, Nov. 24th is Small Business Day!!! We have so many great new treasures along with other great sales that will start on "Black Friday".  Come on over the
"Shoppes at Via Colinas".

Just a few pictures of what we have in the store that would make great decorations for your home or make a great gift for someone.  

Thanksgiving is a couple days away.  It's a time to reflect, be thankful and be with family and friends.  As you sit down to enjoy that Thanksgiving feast, take a moment to look around the table and see the people you are with and think about the ones who could not make it and give thought to the ones that have passed on. Take it all in because life is so short. Put a big smile on your face and realize how lucky you are. My Dad's favorite meal was the Thanksgiving Feast.  He could not wait for it every year.  This will be the fourth Thanksgiving Feast without my Dad.  As we sit down to our feast I realize how blessed I am to have had so many memories with an amazing Dad.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and especially to you Dad.

Monday, April 30, 2012

April Showered Us with Happiness and Heartfelt Thanks...

Our first month has been amazing.  We have the best customers and best friends.  We are so appreciative to all.  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Our store is  in the Westlake/Malibu Lifestyle Magazine May-June 2012 issue.  It is so exciting.  What an honor it is to be in the magazine the same issue that has Kevin Sorbo and his wife gracing the cover.  He is a real life "Hercules". I just loved that show. He is a true survivor.  The article is a must read.  We are on page 6 introducing Antique Menagerie "Now Open"...and announcing our Grand Opening Event. Which is May 18th from 5pm-9pm.  Our store is also featured in the "What's New In Town" section, page 40 and in the "What's To Love" section page 62.  It is truly amazing.  We have had so many people come to the store from the magazine already.  The editor even came back and purchased items from the pictures.  Thank you Diana.  Want to give a special "Thank You" to Krista at the magazine.  She is just an angel. 

Mother's Day is soon.  Don't forget Mom.  The word "Mom" takes so many different forms....Mother, Grandmother, Step-mother, Dog-Mom, Pet-Mom, Mentor-Mom, friend...Whatever category your Mom may fall under....remember it's the one day a year you have to make her feel special for all that she does....
We have added some amazing glassware that would make the perfect special gift for Mom.  Take a quick peek at the some of the yummy glassware decorated with our vintage 1940's millinery florals...

and more on top of the Europen Farmhouse Flip Top Table in a weathered green...

Summer is soon upon us.  I love summer. We have already started a little summer vignette....

 Nothing better than a nice beach picnic or a sunset dinner on the sand with these gorgeous coral print melamine dishes...

I think these old French wine bottles coupled with the small French glasses would add the perfect touch to that beach soiree or would make the perfect hostess gift. 

After the April showers, come the colorful May flowers...

Thank you again for all of the kind words and support.  We are so blessed.


Antique Menagerie
31143 Via Colinas #511
Westlake Village,  CA  91362
Mon-Sat 10am-5pm

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Another Beautiful Day in Southern California...

Good day everyone.  I think our April showers are over and the beautiful weather that we are known for here in So-Cal has arrived.  This week our shoppers have been out in full force!!! Smiling, humming, and just thrilled to be out in the gorgeous sunshine.  At Antique Menagerie we have the doors open and the music on. The weather certainly plays a part in our day to day activities.  It is the perfect shopping weather. 

We want to share  a couple vignettes that we think will grab your attention....

The girl and boy bust would make a charming addition to grace any piece of furniture.  The french blue patina on their faces makes them so unique.  What a charming couple to have displayed in your home. Or the home of that special person that you want to give that perfect gift to.

Now these are a must have!!! Old Champagne and Old Cidar bottles from France.  They make a great display clustered together.

Don't forget to mark your calendars...Friday, May 18th 5-9pm is our Grand Opening Event....

Stop by and say Hi...
Antique Menagerie
31143 Via Colinas #511
Westlake Village,  CA  91362
Mon-Sat 10-5

Monday, April 9, 2012

Unique Treasures at Antique Menagerie....

We hope everyone enjoyed the Easter holiday, and the beginning of Passover. Ours was wonderful.  We colored Easter Eggs the night before, the Easter Bunny came and brought a special guest with him this year the "Tooth Fairy".  Our youngest son Luke lost his tooth.  It was an epic event for our family.  We did Easter brunch, then all came home to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. We hope your day was as amazing as it could be.

We had some new pics taken for us by the magnificent Lu at Lu Tapp Photography.  I want to share a couple vignettes that we have set up in the store for you. 

This is a gorgeous 1880's French console table with a marble top.  The Cherub is a stunning turn of the century piece. He is wooden, hand carved.  It is beautiful.  We have crowns.  We love our crowns. The photo album is  "blinged" with amber colored Swarovski Crystals, decorated with cross and fleur de lis pendants.  We cannot keep these in the store.  A popular item for us.

These sweet, little treasures are recycled 1920's milk glass jars labeled with vintage forks stamped "cake", "blossom" or "grow".  They were used to keep or sell face cream in.  The jars marked "cake" can hold candles and sit next to that special occasion dessert.  The jar marked "blossom" I love to put a flower in that one of my boys has picked for me.  They always just pick the flower and never bring the stem.  I fell in love with these jars with that in mind.

My  Our store is filled with sunflowers and hydrangeas. We also have the most incredible succulents with bright flowers blooming right out of the middle of them.  The cactus are a favorite at our home.  We have them planted inside and outside in old galvanized pots, tubs and vintage baby baths.  They bring a certain beauty to any home. Our customers are amazed with their beauty.  These will not last!!!

We have been so blessed here at Antique Menagerie.  We are getting all positive feedback from everyone that comes through the store.  We have met some amazing clients that we know will turn into long lasting friendships.

Stop by and see us...
Antique Menagerie
31143 Via Colinas #511
Westlake Village,  CA  91362
 Mon-Sat 10-5

Monday, April 2, 2012

Our First Week Open!!

Our opening week at Antique Menagerie was incredible.  We had so many wonderful people come through the store.  The response was amazing.  Antique Menagerie got the big "thumbs up".  All the late, late nights and hard work paid off.  What a rewarding feeling.  We are having the best time.
We want to give a special "thank you" to a very dear friend of ours, Kathee at Chateau Et Jardin.  She has been an amazing help with all of the beginning stages of this new venture for us.  She is one of a kind.  We love ya Kathee. We also want to thank Lu Tapp for the amazing photography for the our first ad in the April issue of  the 805 Magazine. Lu will be our forever photgrapher.  My pictures do not hold a candle to Lu's!

Spring is such an amazing time of the year.  The days are starting to become longer and longer.  Which in turn allows us the time to enjoy our backyards and gardens.To see the flowers that were planted now blooming.  I just love it.
Meet our Gnomeo...

Old Farm Box

I also wanted to share a special treasure we have in the store.  It is a beautiful bench from Cher's Malibu home. That was featured in Architectural Digest. Incredible!!!!
 Let us know if we can help you.  Please stop by the store, or call us.
Antique Meangerie
31143 Via Colinas
Westlake Village, Ca 91362

Make it a great week!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Antique Menagerie~Establishement of Luxury and Curiosity~

Welcome to our Blog!!! Hi I'm Donna.  My husband Kenny and I have fulfilled a long talked about dream of ours.  We have opened a store in Westlake Village, California called Antique Menagerie. It's located in the Westlake Design Center on the ever popular Via Colinas. 
We carry a unique collection of antiques, garden, home decor, trinkets-gifts and whatnots. I look forward to sharing many photos with you of our merchandise and new arrivals. If you ever see anything you like you can always email me or call me direct at the store.

Here is one of our opening day vignettes.

Hope you get an opportunity to stop by and see us.  We are located at 31143 Via Colinas #511 Westlake Village, CA  91362. Our phone number is 818-889-0200.

Our first day open was yesterday March 26th.  Look for us Antique Menagerie in 805 Magazine April issue. Our "Grand Opening" will be May 18, 2012.